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And Advanced Training.

Our People,

Our Employees

Our employees offers professional assistance, dedicated to deliver absolutely world class freight service, crafted to the high standard provided around the globe with everything for the best that bears our name. They are consistently informed and highly trained on international levels of the best ethical practices in the business, which are strictly implemented and followed.


We take full responsibility of our employees very seriously, as we know how important each one of them is for our company. It is our employees who make the company so strong and cheerful. That is why we give our all for them – from their first step on the career ladder up to their withdrawal and beyond.


We offer them the opportunity to develop their skills and personalities with our wide-ranging programme of continuing and advanced training measures. Additionally, we offer our employees numerous social benefits and services to help them achieve the right work-life balance.


We hope to gain and strengthen the trust relationship we have with our employees through these programmes and create a pleasant and familiar atmosphere in our company.

We help our employees prepare for future challenges effectively and efficiently through our comprehensive programme of continuing and advanced training measures.


Along with qualified management training, integrative measures and project management seminars, we also offer outdoor training schemes away from the daily hustle and bustle as part of our personnel development programme.

Work-Life Balance

Employees must be able to strike a balance between career and family. As a family company, we know how important the balance between professional commitment and personal plans for the future is.


In an effort to ensure that our employees' children are well cared for during working hours, we reserve places in nearby childcare facilities. Work-life balance is a fixed and practiced part of our company philosophy in every respect.


We attach great importance to diversity and consciously apply it both as a way to exploit opportunities and as a success factor. We believe that it is essential to appreciate the differences in culture, language and mentality as part of our corporate culture and to embed this in the mindset of all our employees.


Creative talents of different nationalities shape our company and enrich it with their diverse professional and life experience. A continuous exchange of ideas is part of our everyday routine and constantly provides new impetus. We use our diversity to learn from each other and make our company successful in the long-term.

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