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Guideline Notes 


Duty Free Certicate Goods
  • Duty Free certificates are issued on goods imported for the exclusive use of Government ONLY and must be on a CPC 403.

  • Parastatals, quasi – government institutions, local authorities or person claiming to be from government DO NOT qualify for a duty free certificate – there are other Customs Tariff provisions that cater for them and they should apply for a REBATE LETTER.

  • A duty free certificate must be personally signed by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry issuing the certificate. All others signitories will be rejected by ZIMRA. If he is not available then the document must be signed by an appointed person/s that has had their specimen signitures lodged at ZIMRA in advance.

  • Only the original duty free certificate will be honoured by ZIMRA. No photocopies allowed with application for clearance.

  • Must get the Customers BP No. to put in on the clearance application as the Bill of Entry needs to be warehoused in the customer’s name.

  • Goods donated to hospitals or schools require a duty free certificate noting the tariff under which goods are to be cleared and the goods must be approved by the Secretary of the relevant Ministry.


All local authorities [City of Harare, Byo etc], Quasi Government bodies, Parastatals and certain NGO’s and Returning Residents are permitted to apply for Duty Free Rebate. The various organisations need to check with the Ministry they are involved with or ZIMRA under which Tariff they can apply.


When submitting the entry with the rebate letter the following must apply:


  • The name of the consignee on the rebate must be the same as that on the invoice and all other attachments.

  • The description of the vehicle / goods, quantities, identification numbers on the rebate should be the same as those on the invoice, Bill of Entry and other documents.

  • The invoice for the vehicle / goods must be attached and the invoice number quoted on the rebate must be that of the invoice attached.

  • If goods are donated, a letter from the donor should be attached.

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