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Customs duty is levied on all goods imported

 [The effective rate of duty is from 0 - 100 %]


Declarations or ‘Import | Export Entries’ have to be submitted to the Customs system before goods are granted permission to be shipped out or enter in the country.

"Customs” is a generic term used throughout the world. It stands for the recognized government body responsible for border control, import and export of goods (commodities) and the policing of all traffic coming in and out of a country.

Customs Entry


We provide nationwide customs clearance service for businesses of all sizes from regular importers and exporters to individuals who are just looking for a customs clearance service.


Our tailored service can take the hassle away from this tricky process.

Divine Freight can obtain clearance of your goods on the day upon arrival or even before arrival at final designated port of entry.


Will ensure to have all documents ready and completed, making it a smooth process for you to take delivery of your goods immediately.


Customs clearance is a specialised service and must be completed accurately as there are heavy penalties for making false or incorrect declarations.


It can take an inexperienced company or personal individual many hours to complete the process.

Customs Clearing Service

Registered Customs Clearing Agents

We are one of the leading customs clearing agents in Zimbabwe. 

Rapidly in the global market place there is changing demands on production, delivery schedules have placed increased responsibility on customs house clearance to provide experts customs clearance services.

Divine Freight is widely recognized as one of the leading customs clearing agent in the Zimbabwe and global market. Our company has a long-standing direct professional relationships with the NGO(s), State, Religious and Corporate Organizations and this hard earned and privileged status delivers a distinct advantage when it comes to negotiating difficult consignments.

Our dedicated work force ensures that our valued customers receives high trustworthy service at all times.

Regardless of the speed with which a consignment reaches one of the destination points, complex customs procedures and documentation requirements can result in indefinite delays costing heavy storage and fines, charges to consignees. 

Our employees are comprehensively trained to understand complex customs procedures of each specific area of operation. 

And the team takes full and complete responsibility to ensure that correct documentation is prepared well in advance of all import and export deadlines in order to avoid expensive and time consuming delays.

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